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Behind the scenes in a florist shop... it's not all that glamorous!

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Working in a florist shop is as amazing as you can imagine.... being surrounded by a wall of beauty & colour everyday is certainly one facet of an ideal work space.  There is plenty of research that shows that fresh flowers in the workplace enhances creative problem solving & even more so productivity - lifts moods & reduces anxiety.  So I guess you could say that our team have a pretty ideal work space for all these things.

What you may not have seen though is the behind the scenes jobs after the flowers have been packed away for the week.  There is a tonne of preparation, cleaning & scrubbing... 

I took this short video when I worked the shop on a Saturday to give you just a little idea... If you haven't seen our store in Grange - this is it - it's a small florist shop in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide and we LOVE it - it's where we produce all our beautiful arrangements & a place The Blu Tulip calls home :-)