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Flowers need love to give you more love

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It's no secret - I'm passionate about educating our tribe on how to look after your flowers so they will last longer in your home.  You see my background is not floristry... in fact I bought a florist shop in Adelaide some 14 years ago before ever even buying a bunch of flowers.  Over the years of course I have grown a great passion for flowers - and for teaching people how to care for them so they get to enjoy them for longer!

If flowers are fresh, the florist gives them proper care & you at home give them loads of love, you should get to enjoy them for at least 7 days.  Of course there are some varieties that no matter how well they are looked after will only last around 5-7 days like garden varieties - however the majority of flowers should & will last for 7 days & up to even a few weeks.  

This is why I've created our 9 Tip Series on 'How to make your flowers last longer' - you might even get up to double the lifespan of some flowers by following our 9 simple & easy tips on caring for your flowers.... check it out for yourself & give it a go... we promise it's not hard!

When a flower stem is attached to a living plant, the plant will provide the essential nutrients that the flower needs. Once the flower is severed however, it is no longer receiving these nutrients. The flower food we give you REALLY DOES WORK because it addresses the needs of the flowers!

What's in the flower food?It is a specially designed formula for flowers to help the blooms open but also last as long as possible. It contains sugar to feed your flowers, acidic preservative to balance the pH of the water & disinfectant to kill any bacteria.

We recommend you change your water daily so the question I often get is:

Do you need to add flower food each time?For the best results & greatest longevity of your flowers... YES!

What about when you run out of flower food? There are a couple of different ways you can buy this - ask to purchase more sachets from your florist or you can buy a liquid flower food bottle for well under $10 which will last you a lot longer. Or you could make your own flower food!

*Most flowers with the exception of bulb plants (e.g. tulips) will prefer tepid/luke warm water as the water will travel to the flower head faster. Use cold water for any bulb flowers like tulips.

CLICK HERE to read about Tips 1 & 2 on how to make your flowers last longer.

CLICK HERE to buy fresh flowers for your home & see how long you can enjoy them for using our helpful tips.  You might just be very surprised on how long they really do last!!

Keep following our blog to read Tips 4-9 in the series.

Have a beautiful day & enjoy your fresh blooms at home! 

Nic x

PS  If you have any success stories using our 9 Tip Series on How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer, we'd love to hear about them... you can email me on nicole@theblutulip.com.au :-)

PPS  Read more about caring for your flowers & our 7 day Guarantee HERE

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