7 Day Guarantee

When you purchase fresh flowers from The Blu Tulip, your flowers are GUARANTEED to last for 7 days or we will replace them free.  

We are confident that you will look after your flowers by changing their water every day, cutting the stems & using the flower food that we give you.  By doing this, your flowers should last 7 days & if they do not, we will replace them.

If your flowers don't last 7 days:  please call us & let us know immediately you notice a problem.  The sooner we can address the supplier with the issue, the better it is for them & us.  We & our wholesalers need to know if there is a problem with a fresh product so that all parties can address it.

Please bring the flowers back to the shop: so that we can take photos & return them to the wholesaler.  In order for us to obtain a credit, our suppliers must sight product as well.

You are helping us improve: Please do us the honor of actually telling us when there is a problem with a product.  We are dealing with nature & a fresh product & sometimes things can go wrong.  If you can show us what is happening with the flowers, it will help all parties involved & what's more give you better value for money.  The reason why we guarantee our flowers is that we truly believe they should last this long if they are fresh.  If you experience an issue, you are helping us better select our product for longer enjoyment.

Here's our tips on how to care for your flowers & make them last AT LEAST 7 days: